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A Checklist before Moving in Together

A Checklist before Moving in Together       

#Things to consider and discuss with your partner

Moving in together is an exciting milestone in a relationship. It’s a step that signifies commitment, shared responsibilities, and the merging of two lives into one household. However, before you take this significant leap, it’s crucial to have a checklist in hand and a discussion with your partner before embarking on this new chapter in your life to ensure a smooth transition.

The Checklist:

  1. Financial Planning
    Money matters can often be a source of tension in cohabiting relationships. It’s better to discuss with your partner if you are renting or buying a place, and how to handle expenses, such as rent, utilities, groceries, and other bills, before moving in. It is also important to discuss what may happen if either person’s financial position changes in the future.
  1. Household Responsibilities
    To prevent conflicts, clearly define responsibilities, both financial or non-financial, for cooking, cleaning, maintenance, and more. It’s important to discuss expectations before moving in and set out how each person’s contributions will be considered.
  1. Legal Position
    While it may not be the most romantic topic, discussing legal aspects is essential. Understand your legal rights as cohabiting couples. Consider creating a cohabitation agreement which can outline how to handle expenses, responsibilities, and other rights. Who owns the property? Will you buy-in? Paying the mortgage does not mean the property is yours.
  1. Emergency Plans
    It’s wise to plan for unforeseen circumstances. Also, consider discussing emergency plans for unexpected situations and what steps to take if the relationship ends, and what will happen with the property.
  1. Relationship Goals
    Last but not least, take a moment to discuss about relationship goals. Consider long-term plans, such as buying property, getting engaged and married/entering into a civil partnership, and ensure both partners are on the same path.

Moving in together is a significant step in a relationship. By following this checklist, you can start a new chapter with confidence, knowing that you are building a strong and harmonious life together.

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