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Considering Divorce?

Considering Divorce?

Divorce is not an easy decision. Like any big decision in life, there are lots of things which need to be considered. 


A divorce undoubtedly results in big changes, and will impact upon your life in several ways. Divorce can create an overwhelming number of emotions, as a result in order to achieve the best result possible for you and your family, it is important to seek professional help from a specialist family solicitor. Here at Hill and Company Solicitors our specialist family lawyers can take you through each step of the divorce process with care and precision, to help make the transition from married life as smooth and easy as possible.



At this time, many questions may arise, especially if you have a family and children to consider.  You will likely be concerned over the day-to-day arrangements and how your separation will affect the lives of your children, both practically and emotionally. There are different ways to handle this, some people may prefer to try and reach an agreement as to the day-to-day arrangements by consent, or others may find the litigation process and discussing these topics in court to be a more beneficial way to achieve a favourable outcome. These are the negotiation extremes and there are of course many positions to be found in between these points involving the various forms of alternative dispute resolution.

Importantly, irrespective of which method you select to attempt to resolve matters, negotiations should be handled in a way that is fair and respectful and the wishes and wellbeing of the children should always be kept at the forefront of all communication.

Proceeding this way means that your instructed solicitor can make recommendations and help with advice and guidance to enable you to come to a solution that works best for your family’s unique needs. 


Upon separation, one of the main concerns for any individual will inevitably be their financial situation, and how they will support themselves and their family moving forward. While the divorce is ongoing one important potential consideration is that you may have two households to provide for instead of one. Remaining within the family home, as an alternative to establishing two separate bases, is only one of the difficult decisions you will be required to make. 

Divorce day- January

Several reports state the first working day in January is known as ‘divorce day’ due to the supposed increase in divorce proceedings being issued in the New Year. However, divorce is not something that can be categorized into one day or a season, and issuing divorce proceedings is something that needs to be carefully considered and thoroughly thought through.

There may seem to be an increase in divorce statics in January, and perhaps this is to do with the attitude “new year, new me…” and the stresses and emotional conflict over the Christmas period may lead up to a divorce in the new year, who knows! Taking the initial steps in the divorce process though is not something to do lightly, and it is important to consider seeking advice as early as possible in order to obtain the best outcomes for all concerned.


“Pre-Nuptial Agreement usually reduces the time and emotional impact of litigation upon relationship breakdown, speak to one of our family team if you would like more information about your own bespoke agreement.”


“A new act to be implemented in April 2022, is the No-Fault Divorce act, where there will no longer be a requirement to blame either party for the demise of the marriage. You can find out more information about this act in our upcoming post.”

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