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Is there such thing as an amicable divorce?

Perhaps due to how divorce cases are portrayed in US TV dramas or the ones reported in the newspapers, there is often a preconception that all divorces result in an acrimonious court battle.
The reality is however that many divorces are dealt with on an amicable basis and the majority of divorces finalise without the parties needing to attend court. 

If both parties obtain advice at an early stage from a specialist divorce family solicitor, negotiations can take place between solicitors to try to reach an amicable agreement without the need to attend court.

Many couples also choose to attend mediation in order to reach an agreement but it is essential that any agreement reached is embodied into a legally binding agreement, known as a Clean Break Consent Order and sent to the court for approval to prevent either party making claims against the other in the future.

Our specialist divorce solicitor, Heather Broadfield, is a member of Resolution, which is an organisation of 6,500 Family Lawyers and other professionals in England and Wales who believe in a constructive, non-confrontational approach to Family Law matters.  Heather is committed to ensuring, as far as is possible, that divorce and financial proceedings run as smoothly, amicably and cost-effectively as possible.

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