Wills, Lasting Powers of Attorney and Probate Elderly client work


Wills are very important documents which detail how you would like your property and possessions to be divided after you die. Hill and Company are sympathetic and informed legal expert.

Lasting Power Of Attorney

LPA`s have become very important with people living longer. Sadly people may lose the capacity to run their financial affairs therefore appointing an attorney when you have full capacity to make this decision is very important.


Probate is the procedure that takes place after a death and deals with all the deceased’s property and financial affairs.

Elderly Client Work

Elderly client work is a general term used to describe the wide range of legal services required by the older client. We have a long history of carrying out work for the elderly client. We can assist with sorting out your affairs and getting them in order. We can assist you in moving from your own home, into residential care, becoming attorneys and generally assisting you with your affairs. We do home visits and are more than happy to visit you at home if you are unable to get in and see us.

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The Team:

Laurence Murphy; Partner and Solicitor

Laurence Murphy

Matthew Vernon; Partner and Solicitor

Matthew Vernon

Cassam Edoo; Solicitor

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