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How to Best Co-Parent During a Divorce

Divorce is a very difficult time for everyone involved, but it is essential that you put to the forefront of your mind how your children are feeling and develop an idea on how you and your ex-partner can co-parent in a way that suits both yourselves and your children. It is important that both parents play an active role in the lives of the child, encouraging quality communication by all parties.

During the period of your divorce, it may seem that co-parenting is impossible at that moment in time, and that is why we have developed a quick guide on how to ease the co-parenting process.

Implement a co-parenting plan

Although you and your ex-partner may both have a mutual agreement for the need to co-parent, with extremely heightened emotions it can be challenging for divorcing parents to work together. Creating a written co-parenting plan will take out all emotional aspects, and convert the agreement into a formal, structured plan. This will, therefore, make it easier for both you and your ex-partner to develop synchronicity whilst parenting.

Don’t hinder your child’s relationship with your ex-partner

Unless there have been problems encountered with substance abuse or violence, then there should be no reason to hinder the relationship with the other parenting party. Try not to negatively discuss the divorce to your children and do not communicate negatively to your ex-partner through your child. This will affect the relationship that both you and your ex-partner have with your child. Although this may seem difficult, remember that you should always have the happiness of your children at the forefront of your mind.

Don’t ask your child to keep secrets

Ensure that you undertake personal activities which you don’t want your ex-partner knowing about away from your child. Asking your kids to “not tell” your ex-partner things can eventually result in your child developing stress or anxiety, as they will worry about what they are able to say whilst with each parent. This could, therefore, make them feel very uncomfortable.

Seek out the relevant support

If you continue to struggle throughout the co-parenting process, then you may need to seek out the relevant professional support for you, your ex-partner and your children, such as counsellors, family therapy, educational and child psychologists, or CAHMS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services).

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