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Powers of Attorney

It was really shocking to read in the newspapers recently about a lady that had fallen at home and had been lying on the floor for almost a week unable to call for help and surviving only on “warmth from the cooker” and “drips from the fridge”. In today’s hectic modern society it is often difficult to look out for our family, friends and neighbours.

People often live at vast distances from relatives and often don’t know or have time to get to know neighbours or because of health issues are no longer able to visit their friends. Cutbacks in local council spending also serve to leave certain members of our community without any much-needed assistance.

In an ageing population, people often find themselves alone and without any support from anyone, and this type of scenario serves only to highlight how vulnerable some of our older generations are now becoming.

Jo Brook, Specialist Elderly Client Solicitor at Hill and Company Solicitors remarks “ Most people don’t realise that specialist solicitors can offer a service to support them when they are left vulnerable and alone” “By completing a Power of Attorney document, which can be put in place very easily with our help, we are able to take away concerns of older people by helping them to manage their financial and property affairs”. “I have many clients both with and without a family that I assist with such matters as managing finances, getting help at home, sourcing care homes amongst a myriad of other things that my elder clients find difficult to handle as they become older. This dedicated service means that they no longer have to worry about the everyday things they are struggling with”

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